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Rock Steady Boxing 101

1. What Do I Wear?

Wear comfortable, breathable clothes that allow you to move freely.  Most of our members wear sweatpants or shorts and t-shirts.  Gym shoes are preferred.  


2. What Should I Buy?

For hygienic reasons, we recommend that you purchase your own boxing gloves, wraps, and jump rope for class.  We do, however, offer a limited number of “community” wraps and gloves.  We have boxing gear available for you to purchase. 


3. What Do I Need to Bring?

We stress the importance of staying properly hydrated, so make sure to bring plenty of water. (Water bottles with straws are easier to use with boxing gloves on!)  We have a water fountain available for you to refill your bottle. Community “yoga mats” (used for stretching exercises) are also available, although some members prefer to bring their own. You can find yoga mats for purchase at almost any retailer.


4. What Should I Expect?

The class assigned to you after your initial assessment was chosen to meet your specific level of Parkinson’s.  You can expect to be greeted warmly by the staff and your fellow boxers on your first day, and you can expect to meet lots of people who share the same challenges brought by PD.  Classes are 75 minutes long, which include stretching, warm-ups, the workout and a cool-down.


5. What If I Can’t Keep Up?

It is important that at any time, if you feel you cannot keep up or become frustrated at not being able to perform at the level of the people around you, that you communicate that to your Coaches.  They can offer modifications and suggestions on alternative training methods to help you focus on specific symptoms or challenges. Do not do any exercises that you are uncomfortable doing – talk to your Coaches first if you are unsure of a specific exercise. Rock Steady offers an encouraging, non-judgmental environment that will hopefully allow you to share your specific concerns when necessary.


6. How Often Should I Come to Class?

How many times per week a person should attend is determined on an individual basis.  It is generally recommended that a person attend a minimum of three times per week in order to see positive results. 


7. Are There Lockers Available?

CoreBalance  has a “cubby area” for you to store your belongings during class.  Restrooms and a shower are available.


8. Who Are the Coaches? 
The head coaches for Rock Steady Boxing Greenville are Jennifer Mathews and Craig Vial.  Both coaches have been trained and certified by the Rock Steady Boxing headquarters and training center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Occasionally, you will have a “substitute Coaches” – rest assured all have been properly trained in leading a Rock Steady Boxing class. 


9. Who Do I Pay at Rock Steady for Classes?

Rock Steady Boxing Greenville is located at the CoreBalance Studio. There is a monthly contract included in your new member application packet. Once that information is completed, give your contract to one of your Coaches or drop it off with the CoreBalance staff.