CoreBalance Clients Say...


“This is a beautiful Pilates studio run by a true professional. I learn something new every week in this encouraging and challenging environment. Thank you, Jennifer!”

– Janet, Greer, SC - client since 9/2010


“I have been taking private lessons with Jennifer since September of 2010. Three months after starting Pilates I learned I was pregnant. I was so pleased with the manner in which Jennifer customized my workouts for my “ever changing” body, allowing me to continue Pilates right up until delivery. I know Pilates played a huge role in my easy recovery from a caesarean section. Post delivery, I was so anxious to get back to Pilates. I’m addicted! I so enjoy the variety of equipment and the vast array of challenging exercises. Jennifer pulls it together perfectly for sessions that keep me motivated and coming back again and again. Thanks, Jennifer!”

– Jodi, Greenville, SC - client since 9/2010


“It is never too late to try Pilates! Even though I started Pilates in my mid-40’s, my body responded quickly and reliably to Jennifer’s creative and knowledgeable teaching. I have become stronger, more flexible, and more toned while my mind has really learned how to focus and concentrate. These benefits remain with me throughout my week providing me with confidence and a positive outlook. It’s never too late to learn something new, and while Pilates is the most challenging form of exercise I have ever done, it is by far the most rewarding and something I look forward to continuing the rest of my life.”

– Karen, Simpsonville, SC - client since 4/2007


“Jennifer does a great job of teaching Pilates in a comfortable, state of the art studio. A session is physical, yet enjoyable, while mentally calming. Pilates has increased my flexibility and helps me to maintain it.”

– Marcia, Greenville, SC - client since 8/2006


“Thanks to Jennifer and Pilates Moves, I have entered my fifties stronger, leaner, and feeling happier about myself than I have in years. The variety of equipment and classes offered keep workouts physically challenging and mentally stimulating.  I’m hooked!”

– Melissa, Simpsonville, SC – client since 2/2009


“Professional instruction, peaceful environment..a wonderful place for Pilates.”

– Jeanne, Simpsonville, SC – client since 5/2010


“Jennifer is very motivating and skilled in the instruction of Pilates. I have noticed better posture and a stronger core since I have been working out at Pilates Moves. I really look forward to my classes each week. The facilities are top notch. If you are looking for fast results I highly recommend Jennifer at Pilates Moves.”

– Patricia, Greer, SC – client since 9/2010


“I had been pounding my joints with distance running for years. After three different physicians telling me to “strengthen your core”,  I followed their instruction. What a difference! It is a total body workout – cardio, stretch, strength, and resistance training. I love Pilates!”

– Connie, Greenville, SC – client since 1/2011


“Since starting Pilates I have no more back pain and my golf swing has even improved! I am committed to Pilates and know it is one of the best things I can do for myself to maintain my strength and flexibility as I age.”

– Pam, Greenville, SC – client since 8/2006


“I have been working with Jennifer since February of 2009. I have watched my body change and found a new kind of strength. The training has complimented my running and allowed me take care of my body in a way other exercises have not. Jennifer does an excellent job of teaching, even to those who lack grace! She has me completely addicted!”

– Lindsay, Simpsonville, SC – client since 2/2009


“Pilates Moves has made a difference in the way I feel physically and psychologically about my is part of my lifestyle now and I can feel the difference when I don’t make time for it.”

– Nichelle, Greenville, SC -client since 1/2008


“Since taking Pilates, I no longer encounter low back pain that had troubled me for years. My body is strong and fit. The instructors at Pilates Moves do a great job of providing personal feedback as work through the movements. The new facility is incredible and I love that we now have a variety of equipment and classes to choose from. You don’t feel like it is repetitive at all.  Each class offers something a bit different every time.”

– Erin, Greenville, SC - client since 9/2007


“I had my son at age 39. The pregnancy was complicated and I was not allowed to exercise at all. I very much enjoy being a wife and mother, but I longed to once again fit into my clothes as I once did. Thanks to Jennifer and her diligent work with me, my core is strengthened and my pride is restored! Jennifer and her team of instructors are highly trained, patient, and nurturing. I very much enjoy all of the classes offered at Pilates Moves!”

– Sheila, Greer, SC - client since 6/2008