Where do I start?

Are you completely new to Pilates?
We are here to help you get started on an amazing journey that will change your body and your life. We offer many classes to meet your needs and budget, but we recommend starting with Private Sessions. 
The following are options for getting started:

Private Session

Private Sessions are the best introduction to the Pilates Method. You will get complete individual attention in these sessions and be introduced to the various Pilates equipment. We can work with you at your speed, give you an understanding of the fundamentals, and address your specific goals. Our 55-minute Private Sessions are the most efficient way to progress in your Pilates practice. We offer a special package rate for new clients of 3 private lessons for $150. After completing your 3 private sessions we will decide the best way to for you to continue your Pilates training, whether that be more private lessons, possibly a Duet session, or a beginner group class.

We also offer Express 30-Minute Privates when you have limited time or want to jump-start your training by doing multiple sessions in a week.

For more pricing info, click here. To sign up for a Private Session or EXPRESS Private Session, click below or call 864-631-5568.


Duet Sessions

If you would like to start with a friend, the Duet Session is a more economical alternative to private lessons. These  55-minute sessions would be similar to private lessons but with 2 people and not quite as much individualization. These work best if you are about the same fitness level as your partner(s) with no major injuries or health issues.

To sign up for a Duet Session, click below or call 864-631-5568.


New Client Specials

New clients may purchase one of each:

3 Private Sessions for $150    
3 Group Mat (Barre, Yoga, Pilates Mat) Classes $25    
Pilates Apparatus Class $15

Please call 864.631.5568 to reserve your spot.