Group Classes

 We offer Apparatus (equipment) classes, Barre classes, and Mat classes. All classes are 55 minutes long. To see our schedule of classes, and sign up for one, please click the button below. 

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Reformer Classes

The reformer is the most famous piece of Pilates equipment and is great for any level of training from beginners to the super advanced.

These classes offer a full body workout to lengthen and strengthen plus increase flexibility and coordination.

Class Size: 5 Max

Tower Classes

These classes combine the resistance of the springs and bars of the Tower (traditional Cadillac exercises) with mat work. A fresh, invigorating workout, students will enjoy the endless variety of body sculpting exercises that can performed on this specialized equipment.

Tower classes are an economical way to experience Pilates on the equipment and are one of the most popular workouts in Pilates studios across the country.

Class Size: 7 Max

Chair Classes

The Pilates Chair is considered to be the most challenging piece of Pilates apparatus.

With a variety of exercises to choose from, this high intensity class will challenge your strength and balance.

Work your entire body with maximum efficiency in this focused workout.

Class Size: 4 Max

Circuit Classes

A fun, variety filled class incorporating many pieces of equipment in one class, including Reformer, Tower, Chair, Mat, and/or Barrels. Each class will be different and we will move from one station to the next.

This class will move fast and is designed for the intermediate to advanced client.

Class Size: 4 Max

Mat Classes

Pilates Mat Classes offer a challenging workout that uses your own body weight to combine deep core strengthening with stretching, coordination, control, and balance.

Props such as Magic Circles, foam rollers, balls and weights may be used.

Class Size: 10 Max

Barre Classes

The Barre class is a transformational workout. It combines legendary fitness techniques from Pilates, ballet, yoga, cardio and sculpting. Using a ballet barre, it targets “trouble areas” such as buttocks, thighs and hips. These techniques are designed to streamline, tighten and tone without adding bulk.

Each Barre Moves class incorporates a warm-up, upper body work, barre exercises (mostly lower body), abdominal exercises, and a cool down with final stretches. It’s a unique, fun workout set to music.  It’s a total body workout and a great complement to your Pilates program.

Each class is designed to take on multilevel clients.  Exercises can be modified or amplified to fit all clients at any level or age.

Our Barre Moves class size is limited so that each client has plenty of space and receives a more personalized experience.

Class size: 9 Max

Yoga Classes

Info coming soon...


(All Classes 55 minutes)

1 CLASS / $30
5 PACK / $135 ($27 ea)
10 PACK / $240 ($24 ea)
20 PACK / $420 ($21 ea)

1 CLASS / $15
5 PACK / $70 ($14 ea)
10 PACK / $130 ($13 ea)
20 PACK / $220 ($11 ea)

The 10x10 Combo (10 Pilates and 10 Group) - $350     
The 20x20 Combo (20 Pilates and 20 Group) - $600

*Please see additional pricing policies and information.