Classes & Rates


CoreBalance offers a wide range of instruction, either in a class setting or one-on-one.
We also offer package pricing for one type of class or session, as well as combinations of classes.
You can schedule a private session or sign up for a class at any time from the buttons one each page.

Private Sessions

Essential for beginners, and perfect for those wanting personalized instruction, Private Sessions provide individualized lessons tailored to your abilities and needs. 


Duet & Trio Sessions

Duet and Trio sessions are less individualized, but more economical, and still more customized for you than a class setting.


Group Classes

From our new Barre and Yoga classes to Reformer, Tower and more, our class offerings focus on specific apparatus, or a circuit, depending on your preference. But either way you get a great workout!


Combination Packages

The most economical way to mix and match class types, we offer combination packages of Mat, Tower, and/or Equipment Classes, as well as introductory packages just for beginners.


All Pricing

We list pricing with each class or session type on their respective pages, but here’s where you can see all of our session, class, and package prices in one place.